Electric TOUCH Wax Melt Warmer - Forrest

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This here is an Electric TOUCH Melt warmer... Which means after you plug it in you can adjust the light settings by touching the base of the warmer - very similar to a touch lamp. This warmer has 3 different light settings, from warm light, to medium to bright. It looks amazing at night time.

So let me explain what an electric warmer is... It is just the same as a tealight warmer, however these plug into the Power Point (no tealight candle required). It is best to use these out of the reach of children and pets.  To use just place some soy wax melts, place one, or two cubes or how ever many you desire in the dish (be careful not to overflow it), turn on the warmer and it will melt the wax as well as send a beautiful aroma through out your home!

They are also easy to clean. Once warmer is turned off and wax is cooled, you grab a paper towel and scoop out the wax until clean. Its that easy...

Instructions are included