Rainbow Candle - Jars

Rainbow Candle - Jars

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These ceramic candle jars are handmade right here in the Riverland by Erin Taylor, business also known as Erin Harrold Ceramics. So Erin and I decided to join forces and create something beautiful with them, and why not turn them into a candle. 


Each Jar Erin creates by hand, the hand paints them and then they are made into a candle handpoured by me. What better was to support not 1 but 2 small Riverland businsses. 


Every Jar maybe slightly different to the next, but thats what handmade is all about, right?! They are approx 230ml with an approx burn time of 30+hrs. 


Please remember with your first burn to make sure your candle burns so you have a full wax pool on top (to the sides) if this is not achieved from the first burn, your candle may create what we call a tunnel, and the burn won't be as effective from then onwards for future burns 🔥


Please also leave 10mm of wax at the bottom of the jar, never burn a jar right down to the bottom as this can create heat and crack or shatter the candle jar.